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Vipaw (UI/UX Design)

Co-founded Vipaw Photography service to create fond memories for dog owners, dog health and wellness, dog walking serivies etc., essentially to grow a community to give better care for our lovers, kids or families.

This was a very meaningful project to me. On the one hand, it was first time we are completely based on the function and user experience to design the interface. We were our own party a, not controlled by a third party. On the other hand, as team work, I was working with founder and programmer. They were acting an importer and exporter. As their medium, I should clearly understand the needs of one party and fully express them, as well as understand the realization possibilities of the other party and design it properly.

Logo Design, UI/UX Design | Vipaw LLC | NY 2019

Sketch | InVision | Adobe Illustration | HTML | CSS