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Grandma's Bakery (Brand Design)

It was first project in Design Process class at NYIT, we need conceived, positioned and designed for brand named Grandma’s Organic Bakery. Through this project, I learned how to based on a brand name, to analyze brand positioning, locate target audience, and design brand VI.

Brand Visual Identity Design | MFA Computer Graphic, New York Institute of Technology | NY 2017

Adobe Photoshop | Illustration

Grandma's Bakery-01.png
Grandma's Bakery-02.png
Grandma's Bakery-03.png
Grandma's Bakery-04.png
Grandma's Bakery-05.png
Grandma's Bakery-06.png
Grandma's Bakery-07.png
Grandma's Bakery-08.png
Grandma's Bakery-09.png
Grandma's Bakery-10.png
Grandma's Bakery-11.png
Grandma's Bakery-12.png